Stephen Robles


Stephen Robles is my younger brother and he is a U.S. Army veteran.  He gets a phat pension from the V.A. every month for claiming to be 50% P.T.S.D. from the war in Iraq and genetics.  Stephen was living in Section 8 housing through the Reno Housing Authority for several years before he and I decided to share an apartment together at Rosewood Park Apartments from 2018-2019.  Stephen had previously lived with our parents, Rey Robles and Leslie Robles, where he was living in a mobile home and getting evaluated.  He divorced a wife from Germany which lasted about 5 years.

Stephen smoked a descent amount of recreational marijuana during his independent stay in RNO.  Stephen became an alcoholic.  He worked at a call center for Wells Fargo Bank for a short time in 2017-2018 and before that he did tech support from home via the internet for close to minimum wage.  He’s lame 4-year I.T. degree from the University of Phoenix wasn’t enough to get him very many jobs.  He refused to work at, Tesla, or for Panasonic in warehouse.  About half way through his stay at Rosewood Park Apartments, he decided to move onto Phoenix, AZ.  Citing the job market and college opportunities through the V.A., Stephen had previously lived in PHX several times and believed it would be a fresh start for him in 2019.


Stephen acted like a total idiot.  He raged on with paranoia, complaining about smelly food and conspiracies, he refused to live in an apartment with Ryan Robles, his older brother.  Finally, in the Fall Semester 2018, the Reno Police Department was notified about suspicious behavior from not just Stephen, but from Rey Robles as well.  The managed to install the lock on Ryan’s bedroom door incorrectly and allowed entry into the room for months.  Stephen was constantly picking fights with his older brother.  Several police reports were filed for Disorderly Conduct, suspicious behavior, breaking and entering, etc.  The police never contacted Ryan and pushed the reports upto the Washoe County Sheriff’s Dept.


Stephen and his friends started trolling the internet once they got made.  They possibly contacted folks on Craig’s List to warn them about the Chinese.  Stephen had also accused his older brother of being a, “violator.”  It really seemed like Stephen was just being a Republican Party activist since he spent a lot of his time watching FOX news instead of applying for jobs.  He smoked marijuana up until about a month before the lease was about to expire on Rosewood Park Apartments.  Stephen refused to get help from the V.A. outside of his lofty pension.  He would not visit with a psychologist or psychiatrist and believed his older brother was a pill popper.  A drug addict on S.S.R.I. research.  The picture got clearer and clearer when his angle became apparent he was spinning the RNC and, “infowars.”  Stephen setup a security system in the apartment and was essentially working as a criminal informant.  He was also spying on web traffic.  Ryan couldn’t wait for his younger brother to finally move out and disappear from his life.

There were a few media outlets that contributed to Stephen’s escape from Reno and after that, stuff like stalking, sexual harassment, rouge photos, threats, and investigations by the RGJ (Reno), KRNV, MSNBC, CNN, KGMB 9. As far as Honolulu is concerned, I really shouldn’t have provoked the islands while I was there back in 2009. Unfortunately I was perceived as a wrecker or heckler and my brother thought that I tried to ruin his military career and went ultra-left-wing but that wasn’t the case. I sent emails back in the Bush-era to the DOJ and they weren’t perceived correctly. I was concerned a threat online. So I haven’t been treated fairly since after returning to the United States since 2003 from mainland China.


My brother broke into my room and evidently played games trying to steal passwords from me in the background somehow, like Stephen’s STEPHENROBLES@YMAIL.COM I had intentionally reserved for him with tons of attachments. I had planned on transferring the account to him once we had moved in together back in 2018 but he declined. I had used to login with the email for years before when I was homeless and it was only a concern at the time. He got older after his divorce and started to become much more of a skeptic on liberal arts and more conservative. He may have feared me and took precautions. After all the rude behavior at Rosewood Park Apartments in Reno, NV., he moved to Phoenix or Tempe in April 2019 and that was the last time I saw him.


What I think changed for him was his living conditions and roommate situation so he could grasp his new situation, of course, but that he decided after Reno he didn’t plan on moving back in together with me anytime soon in the future. He has threatened to move to Prescott, Az. and it doesn’t bother me although I do realize what could happen in Arizona and our paths could cross again in the future but not as roommates. I understand that he was rewarded growing up, not just with High Tech Institute down in Arizona, but University of Phoenix and a hefty U.S. Army pension and let me be perfectly clear; I would not want my brother’s lucrative pension to dry up, disappear, or get protested by other political groups because of the Iraq War, marijuana, Domestic Violence, or the sheriff’s office.

Stephen had figured out that I might have ended up getting dumped for Social Security because of criminal justice or perhaps a renegade psychologist. He thought that I was wasting time and knew I wasn’t going to get treated by any women or would ruin my life trying to immigrate to Russia. My brother really didn’t know what my plans were outside of school and freaked out. He didn’t realize that yes, I need to travel true, but not every month or every weekend. He didn’t trust my judgement and had been convinced by the V.A. to take action against me. He tried to antagonize me a lot so keep that in mind. He thought that I should cut out of school and go look for a job before I get too old to get married because it could take so much money to go out and date. But I had already been tipped off by an associate where to look in Reno to club, and also online dating would eventually pick up down in Las Vegas so the worry was unnecessary. He felt bad to for and he knew the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office would try and make fun of me for Tom Cruise. I wasn’t getting any auditing during this time at Rosewood Park Apartments.

Germany was very kind to my brother while he was living there but I could never figure out why he didn’t go for a professional? Why a 16 year old girl in Christina? We spoke a few times before I had moved onto the homeless shelter and she seemed to have her head screwed on straight. She was intelligent and she was aware of the SVR. I can’t say a whole lot about her bent on Christianity but she was open and on FaceBook. I had to logon to in order to search for Germans out there to see the competition for myself first hand, before screen recording, before Downtown Reno, after the Professional Building, so I did not search exclusively for Chinese for years.


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My name is Ryan Robles. I dedicated this blog to my sister, whom I tried to recruit into the Nevada National Guard. I felt it was important to keep my sister as well as other up to date on the litigation with the Church of Scientology as well as independent followers outside the church. This blog complements a YouTube Channel I dedicated to her in an attempt to inspire her to public service. She's way too greedy for it, however. I hope that the truth will get out and people will realize the depth and lengths the church will go to in order to protect their religion.

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