Leslie Robles

I bought http://www.leslierobles.com to show the world how much my step mother uses FaceBook.  Very little evidently.  She content having lived as a selfish step mother simply to work full time as a housewife and caretaker knowing that she ruined both my childhood as well as my brother’s.  We talk about it all the time on the phone still to this day.  My brother even boycotted my step mother’s Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  He plans on doing the same for Christmass.

My step mother is very greedy, having received an inheritance from her parents, she now works to take care of her dad still alive to this day, tends to her house which was paid off, and has a 2014 Toyota Prius.  She’s so stupid that she didn’t help my half sister marry a doctor or lawyer with plastic surgery, keeping her a bait for the right wing establishment.

My step mom worked one job while we were in high school and it didn’t last very long.  She wouldn’t pay for school supplies or new clothes and complained about providing transportation for sports as well as other activities.  I knew that she wouldn’t get me across the finish line so I ended up turning to drugs and dropped out of school.  Even if I had gotten enough to eat it might not have made a difference, because too many stupid decisions were made.

My step mom got back at me for not getting along with her growing up by sending me off to be homeless in 2008.  I remember the first day I ended up on the streets of Kahului, Hi. (Maui).  Something changed in me that night when I slept on the grass.  The light rain fall.  It was another mile stone that lead to the road of bi-polar treatment, much like the same type of shock and damages suffered in my hotel while in Shenyang, China after an international incident.  But will she change?  Will she see the failings in my health and co-operate with my father, play along and attempt to convict me of perjury just to get even and protect Scientology outside the church?

Published by rrobles444

My name is Ryan Robles. I dedicated this blog to my sister, whom I tried to recruit into the Nevada National Guard. I felt it was important to keep my sister as well as other up to date on the litigation with the Church of Scientology as well as independent followers outside the church. This blog complements a YouTube Channel I dedicated to her in an attempt to inspire her to public service. She's way too greedy for it, however. I hope that the truth will get out and people will realize the depth and lengths the church will go to in order to protect their religion.

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