Kelsey LeBlanc Penhale

I do not stream for anyone but myself and I want to thank people for stopping by. Unfortunately the whole BETA Cycle on Twitch Studio hasn’t worked for me so I’m sticking with Elgato for the present and future as things continue to develop. I remember when people started streaming back in 2015 when I first started community college.

I want my stream to grow but I want to be independent. I think its great that a lot younger group of streams are out there now and that younger folks than myself have already streamed for years so I feel like age is something that’s actually happening now for me and Kelsey. I listen to SiriusXM Radio regularly but not every day. More like a few times a week. Kelsey used to think that I worked for Iraq. So did Tori Luke. I was also friends with her older sister on FaceBook but before I paid my attorney initially. I want to personally thank and providing an outstanding social media platform for friends from high school meeting each other again.

I bragged to Destiny Fomo about using the I.B.M. Lenovo ThinkPad L520 a lot, which runs Star Trek – Elite Force 2 on Windows 7 and is strictly 32-bit (Win32), and I am securing the best external dock (docking station) possible for this unit. It runs a lot of other games and they make an impact on streaming, especially if Patrick Stewart hears about it. Never the less, The Church of Scientology International has some pretty big decisions to make in the near future, politics aside.

I use Twitter to contact a lot of different people and companies. I’m glad that Kelsey left me a contact for info and it took years to catchup online. But it appears that she’s very private on FaceBook. Doesn’t use Twitter hardly at all. was a site that got a lot of interest because of our high school class. I keep tabs on the site’s makeover as it requires a powerhouse like Facebook to expand and really profit. I’m sure we can make things work with Kelsey LeBlanc with stocks and retirement. The Nevada Army National Guard recruiting episode in Reno is somewhat of a mystery and is considered secret. Only Kelsey and others can help get classifications or access further.

I received a price list from Rey Robles on Oct. 3rd, 2019 and there’s already been a number of materials already provided by birthday presents so I’m satisfactory as far as being able to produce study materials but have in recent years been satisfied by Camtasia Studio 6-7 and want the newest version on Windows 7 in order to test. I need to be able to save in the Microsoft Format for backwards compatibility with other systems particularly laptops.

There’s been lots of media attention now from the advertising on FaceBook and contemplation on previous testimony. One of the problems that could arise is the particulars for using Kelsey and blow back from posts online might lead skeptics here. It would not be my intention to bewilder Kelsey or friends on Facebook with such nonsense. But the trade here is crucial and I do enjoy showing off productivity and our resumes seems to resinate well with each other. Writing for Sarah Summers and Brandon Mandeville on Facebook has reinforced the understanding on communication, the power of technology infrastructure, and friendship. A VISA for Brandon is almost certain. The speed of the particle in examination determines its power. A script for the Peace Corps. is something I’ve been gazing across the landscape since before, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” I did not expect to get insulted by KRNV or KTLA although I knew that Reuters was planning on some form of coverage.

Dell Vostro 1500

Creative Sound Blaster K3

SB1720 USB Recording Streaming Digital Mixer

Windows 7

Cassette Tapes

  • Course Levels O-III
  • Money Tapes
  • Whole Track
  • Creation of Human Ability Part 1 & 2 (two sets)
  • Admiration Part 1 & 2  (two sets)
  • The Route to infinity (three sets)
  • Perception of Truth
  • Expansion of Havingness (two sets)
  • Power of Simplicity
  • Solution to Entrapment Part 1, 2, and 3
  • Secrets of MEST (two sets)
  • Dawn of Immortality
  • Command of Theta (two sets)
  • Freedom Congress
  • PDC Vol 1
  • Ability Congress
  • State of Man Congress
  • Anatomy of Spirit
  • Creating a New Civilization
  • Phoenix Lectures (three sets)
  • Professional Course (two sets)
  • PTS/SP Lectures (two sets)
  • The Principles of Course
  • The Study Tapes (two sets)
  • Pro TR Services (four sets)


  • Dissemination & Help (two sets)
  • Professional Course (three sets)
  • Human Problems
  • Clean Hands
  • Phoenix Lectures (two sets)
  • Thought Emotion Effect (two sets)
  • Unification Congress (three sets)
  • First international Congress
  • Route to Infinity
  • Spirit of Man
  • Service of Life Energy (two sets)
  • Games Congress
  • Technique 88
  • Human Mind
  • Clearing Success
  • Dianetics and Scientology  
  • Life Continuum (two sets)
  • Anti-Radiation (two sets)
  • Nuclear Radiation


  • $75 Clearing Congress DVD, (two sets)
  • $75 Clearing Congress Lectures VHS 1-6 (two sets)


  • $500 Original Red Tech Vol (1-12)
  • $200 Green Vol Administration 0-12 (two sets)

$100 Mission Earth Hardback 1-10 1st Edition


  • $95 The Anatomy of Cause (Cassettes)
  • $45 Restoration of Knowing Cause (Cassettes)
  • $95 Universes and the War Between (Cassettes)
  • $95 Skills of a Theta Being (Cassettes)
  • $60 The First Postulate (Cassettes)
  • $95 Responsibility and State of OT (Cassettes)
  • $45 PDC Tapes with out Transcripts (Cassettes)
  • $90 PDC Tapes with Transcripts (Cassettes)
  • $350 Academy Lectures O-IV (Cassettes, two sets)
  • $190 PDC w/transcript (CDs)
  • $40 Science of Survival and Dianetics Lectures and Demo (CDs)
  • $20 Life Continuum (CDs)
  • $300 Exteriorization & Phenomena (Cassettes)
  • $250 Life Orientation Course (Book)
  • $500 Key to Life Course (Books)
HOLLYWOOD, CA – MAY 11: Actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley arrives at the 2011 Maxim Hot 100 Party with New Era, Miller Lite, 2(x)ist and Silver Jeans Co. held at Eden on May 11, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images For MAXIM)

I’d like to give a big thanks to Twitter for withstanding the news media propaganda out there regarding my tweets and regardless of the alleged anti-trust concerns the content is covered and does spread like crazy. Promoting Kelsey in sales really changed the dynamics for me and it opened up a lot more launch material in theory that could be applied to Apple Computer, Inc. I’m very impressed with her celebrity presence when though she lives in Portland and I’m traveling south to Las Vegas and further south from there. She may be a Republican and I heard that politically it is possible. I don’t intend on showing her off further if she concludes that sales specifically isn’t the way for her to go down the road, particularly with a new company, even Apple, and so I didn’t want the public to think she was stalked for sales because that’s not the case at all. Her prospects were weighed here and justifiably for someone else to pick up the load for the company. I’m blessed to have met Kelsey in school and my hope is that she will do business for real, not just Portland and her husband.

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My name is Ryan Robles. I dedicated this blog to my sister, whom I tried to recruit into the Nevada National Guard. I felt it was important to keep my sister as well as other up to date on the litigation with the Church of Scientology as well as independent followers outside the church. This blog complements a YouTube Channel I dedicated to her in an attempt to inspire her to public service. She's way too greedy for it, however. I hope that the truth will get out and people will realize the depth and lengths the church will go to in order to protect their religion.

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