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Justin Austin was recruited by Craig Robart to join the Free Zone in southern California before 2017.  Both are ex-convicts.  Felons essentially.  Craig Robart psyched me out on a number of occasions back at the Professional Building in Downtown, Reno, NV. long before 2006.  Craig told me not to fall for Jennifer Freeman or O.S.A.  He also claimed that he’d cover David Miscavige.  Justin Austin, on the other hand, is a former drug dealer and essentially a religious thug.  He has no credit, no real bank account, no access to PayPal, no vehicle or driver’s license, and this is only the beginning.  He banged several prostitutes before going on his mission to Washington State after fleeing California.

Justin has several tattoos, which look new, representing the Scientology religion.  He claims that he lived upstairs from a tattoo parlor.  Justin resembles the typical gang pin and operates like an informant.  He has been blessed by rumors from Pat and Ray Krenik as well as Craig Robert.  He’s received Scientology auditing as well as numerous training levels.  He received essentially spy training in exchange for auditing several other worshipers here at the compound in Elma, Wa.  He’s worked with former veterans Bruce Meyers as well as a guy named Jason, but keep in mind that Bruce accused me of studying Eugenics as well as integrating with the Chinese Communist Party.  Bruce also committed a Disorderly Order Conduct in 2015 at the L. Ron Hubbard tribute center where worshipers re-enact the cult training practices administrated by the Church of Scientology.

Alienware – Dell.Com

Justin Austin is an inspiring hacker.  He studies code at night training how to generate illegal bots or hack into programs for free.  He also downloads movies and T.V. episodes for free instead of using Netflix, after turning down my invitation to share streaming services on my account.  His Facebook account sucks.  He’s now an occult actor who believes that he can still join the military.  He thinks that it is possible to get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in solar to join plus college benefits.  He believes that just because he isn’t using drugs and is a convicted felon, he is a minority with a high I.Q.  He doesn’t like people in general because he believes his I.Q. is something like 130 or above.  He networks online for get rich quick schemes involving telemarketing and bragged about redistributing imitations of Viagra on Craig’s List.  He’s even considered starting a YouTube channel and possibly has applied for credit cards with no source of income.  One of his get rich quick schemes is to open a imitation Scientology center where the Purification Rundown is delivered and paid by insurance companies servicing drug users trying to kick the habit.  He thinks that recreational Marijuana should be illegal and is hostile to the Central Intelligence Agency.  Another hostile worshiper is Peter Janzon, a seasoned former member of the Church of Scientology for at least 35 years.  He’s homeless and schemes on Social Security checks to go up the bridge to total freedom every month.  He’d rather sleep in his van and audit himself rather than live a normal life.  These people are di-hards here.  Total hostile to the intelligence community.  Peter claims he spread rumors to his home country of the Netherlands.

Craig Robart is responsible for considerable spin in the Free Zone.  He claims that Los Angeles has furnished the best auditors in the world.  Naturally, an abundance of auditors kicked out of the church in L.A. would account for such a thing.  Craig Robart cut a deal with Jennifer Freeman, a transgender spy and employer, to work at the Professional Building in Downtown Reno, NV.  Craig may have spied on my enlistment into the military.  We could have been talking about an operation.  They introduced a private contractor to gather information on my studies and employment at the Professional Building for Free Zone Worldwide, Inc.  You see, Scientologists in general are paranoid about anti-social personalities, suppressive persons, and potential trouble sources.  Jenna Miscavige Hill gets into some of these concepts in her book.  I was rendered an idiot that was exposed by the Asian Paparazzi.  LBGTQ considers me anti-social for not experiencing sexuality as a bi-sexual.  These people put pressure on me to abandon Scientology and the trap was set.  Jennifer Freeman, Craig Robart, his girlfriend, and Justin Craig are trying to mobilize the Free Zone to throw me out of the movement; no one wants me as a competitor involved in anti-defamation.  I’m scene as an enemy and spy by the movement, compromising a possible truce with the Church of Scientology.


The rumor is that Craig Robart died over-dosing back in 2020 and it was circulated around Facebook but I never believed it in all honesty. I’m sure he got trained to audit and that doesn’t surprise me either. The guy could theoretically disappear and no one would care a lot. It wouldn’t do a lot of damage to Scientology. It would be much more productive if he worked in secret, like trying to go under investigation or audit for a celebrity in private, join the Sea Org, etc. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Alienware – Dell.Com

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My name is Ryan Robles. I dedicated this blog to my sister, whom I tried to recruit into the Nevada National Guard. I felt it was important to keep my sister as well as other up to date on the litigation with the Church of Scientology as well as independent followers outside the church. This blog complements a YouTube Channel I dedicated to her in an attempt to inspire her to public service. She's way too greedy for it, however. I hope that the truth will get out and people will realize the depth and lengths the church will go to in order to protect their religion.

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