Jenna Miscavige Hill

I downloaded Jenna’s book about a year ago and felt it was worth it.  It took me weeks to listen to it.  I have to confess that there were some really funny parts, others were bazar, especially the way the church treated her, but it was compelling the amount of detail which went into it.

I contacted Jenna Miscavige Hill on several occasions.  I donated to her charity and explained were I was at in the book, that I wanted to hear back from her, and further explained that I was interested in getting in touch about doing a book on me and Rey Robles, my father.  In 2015, she never answered.  I contacted her again in 2016 via her blog site.  I again explained that it was a must do for her because of her profile with the media.  She would likely attract a publisher.  “The Miscavige Legacy,” I explained.  A perfect title for her next book.  But to date her has yet to answer.  I also wanted to guest star on her blog site but again, no answer.  More on that below.

The bottom line is that Jenna Miscavige Hill is playing the media.  She believes that her act lies in the mainstream, outside of politics and the Free Zone.  She wants to be politically correct and stay away from any unnecessary publicity surrounding a new project or avoid getting harassed about using Scientology outside of the church.  This is unfortunate.  She doesn’t want to invest into Scientology outside of the church and doesn’t want to write about anything else, at least in the short term.

Jenna Miscavige is a huge disappointment.  She probably heard a rumor from the press about me or my parents.  She probably decided not to do a project because of the added media attention or other religious beliefs.  It is a sad affair.  No YouTube Channel, no DVD, no new book, no special appearance on Coast to Coast AM, etc.  Jenna is a huge let down since breaking away from the church and writing her first book.  You could say that it was a publicity stunt on David Miscavige, her uncle.  I don’t blame her.  She wasn’t treated very well.  I did generate a website for her in order to provoke a response from her people.  I think the Church of Scientology tried to setup an arranged marriage with one of their members and that failed.  I think the reason why is that she didn’t meet their expectations.  Unfortunately for the church, she was only interested in Dallas.

Published by rrobles444

My name is Ryan Robles. I dedicated this blog to my sister, whom I tried to recruit into the Nevada National Guard. I felt it was important to keep my sister as well as other up to date on the litigation with the Church of Scientology as well as independent followers outside the church. This blog complements a YouTube Channel I dedicated to her in an attempt to inspire her to public service. She's way too greedy for it, however. I hope that the truth will get out and people will realize the depth and lengths the church will go to in order to protect their religion.

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