Ray Krenik

I wasn’t sure what to think about Ray and Pat Krenik at first.  They seemed to indicate right out of the gate that they indeed do play games when they told me that, “you’ll see” with a big laugh that night I landed in Elma, Wa. from Amtrak after being stranded in Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles, CA.  I was homeless for 4 years in L.A. and 2 years before that in two other states.  That whole time, I only saw Erika Rose Robles a few times, both while I was in L.A., for the holidays.  Thanksgiving as well as Christmass.

Ray claimed that he, “loved me like a son” in paraphrasing while I was studying in his course room back in 2014.  However, what didn’t add up was the forensic evidence he was trying to gather while I was being examined on multiple occasions after a session in the Free Zone.  He asked me to clear the word, “forensic” and the dictionary he handed me turned out to provide the perfect definition.  It referenced a political element spelled out in the dictionary which seemed to make sense.  I told him that I didn’t want to be a narc for him and that I didn’t want to work for any of the politicians he was connected to.  Police commissioner, sheriff, district attorney, all of the libertarians or local mob elements which might discriminate against me in order to instigate black mail or potential investigations.  My opinion is that they are using him to do so.  I think it is a religious belief that he’s using in order to cover a lawsuit probably for discriminating since I was ghetto when I came to Washington State.

In 2015, Ray started hounding me about an allegation involving rape.  He asked me if I had committed a felony in person during an exam, and had bragged about being close to the police dept. as a veteran locally in Elma, Wa.  Ray Krenik has been hounding me ever since, trying to scare me out of his course room, as a bias instructor, with a psych, and he has been notified via email that I’ve been in contact with the Church of Scientology.  Ray believes that I’m a spy for a communist movement and that I was a welfare criminal to begin with.  Ray Krenik is actually a Federalist who supported Bernie Sanders as well as Donald Trump (protest vote).  He’s obsessed with cop shows on T.V. and impersonates a private investigator.  Further, while he was in fact a medic in Vietnam, he still believes that all his ancient military medical training somehow matches a medical degree and thinks that he’s viable to give medical advise.

Ray Krenik sold me Scientology training knowing that I was disabled with Schizophrenia and he refused to put his offer into a contract.  He said, “take it or leave it.”  In 2014, fresh off the street, with no chance of getting a room for rent because of missing personal references, no credit for a lease on a studio, no vehicle to actually move, I was essentially stranded in the middle of no where and hustled into an investigation.  Ray Krenik is totally discriminatory and is essentially out to cover a lawsuit as well as criminal accusations.  I don’t think his intentions are all that and he along with his wife refused to go public with my auditing or conduct any interviews for YouTube out of some weird conspiracy theory that the Church of Scientology will conduct a raid into their home, a dual use duplex which has been converted into a Scientology knock off ministry compound.  The parking sucks by the way!

Ray Krenik runs a train compound center with several recruits.  One is Bruce Meyers, an older man (beyond 60) whom refuses to take blood pressure medication.  He converted to vegetarianism a long time ago.  The other is Darren May, a celebrity extra that probably receives special gigs for being an ex-Scientologist and citizen of Great Britain.  He’s complained several times with a psych about territorial rants involving schizophrenia based on reality.  There is no doubt that he’s trying to instigate a disconnect between myself and the Free Zone or the Scientology material.  This is an ongoing trend with the media as well as independents like Alex Jones and the Chinese Mafia.  Jennifer Freeman is another spy that tried to setup a disconnect between myself and L. Ron Hubbard.  Darren May as well as Ray Krenik committed an invasion of privacy on several occasions.  They’ve been on my MacBook to view the desktop, view my web browser, and probably steal passwords.  Could this information be for sale by the Church of Scientology or the press club?  Now that Darren May has been found out, will he attempt to instigate a Disorderly Conduct or Terroristic Threat in an attempt to disconnect me?

But that wasn’t all.  Furious that he considered me an anti-social personality, at the bare minimum, and for not willing to pay for Scientology’s bridge therapy, he retaliated.  He used his contacts with the police dept. to help generate scrutiny.  His contact with the press informed the media.  Between the locals and Alex Jones, a video operation as well as forensic evidence gathering operation was underway.  The plan was to expose me, cover a lawsuit, and pitch in on any investigation possible.  They tried to squeeze me into a plea bargain.

What I didn’t realize when I had initially started this blog was that my parents were in on the litigation here.  Essentially they were attempting to get me to spin a little bit of tech with schizophrenia in order to instigate some counter intelligence.  They tried to play me, get me into agreement that I had indeed testified with torture as well as psychology warfare.  It was pretty disgusting.  Even my doctor played along.  I didn’t take it in very well.  I’m sure that I got noticed.  It was a pretty lame experience.  To these people, corporate or grass roots Christians or Scientologists on the internet, it was a lifetime endeavor.  These folks actually thought that I would take a plea one right after the other, attempting to squeeze the Dept. of Justice for intelligence in order to keep my dad in primetime.  Ray actually tried to do the same thing.  So finally they gave up on me.  I was taking medications that the Free Zone wouldn’t accept.  It was horrific to them.  The medications were absorbed pretty well into my system and my body was able to regenerate correctly.  I even got a boost in I.Q. from the chems I was prescribed.  The actions and accusations turned into a litigation when my step mother and father, along with Pat and Ray Krenik, tried numerous times to disconnect from me.  I’ve been threatened with disorderly conduct so many times from these people.  Volunteers for Ray’s ministry included.

Published by rrobles444

My name is Ryan Robles. I dedicated this blog to my sister, whom I tried to recruit into the Nevada National Guard. I felt it was important to keep my sister as well as other up to date on the litigation with the Church of Scientology as well as independent followers outside the church. This blog complements a YouTube Channel I dedicated to her in an attempt to inspire her to public service. She's way too greedy for it, however. I hope that the truth will get out and people will realize the depth and lengths the church will go to in order to protect their religion.

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