“Ryan” from Donna Goss

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I asked my mom why she gave me this name. She said it was Irish, with luck, and she told me what it means. It depends on what dictionary you use, even what holy bible you interpret the name from, even scholar to scholar. She told my father only in the hospital officially, and my father was around with my mother, when they were together. My father was with my younger brother too, but only in the first inception and a few months after that she drifted away and started using drugs. I met a number of strangers when we were young and introduced to my mom in 6th grade.

Kelsey LeBlanc Penhale

I do not stream for anyone but myself and I want to thank people for stopping by. Unfortunately the whole BETA Cycle on Twitch Studio hasn’t worked for me so I’m sticking with Elgato for the present and future as things continue to develop. I remember when people started streaming back in 2015 when I first started community college.

I want my stream to grow but I want to be independent. I think its great that a lot younger group of streams are out there now and that younger folks than myself have already streamed for years so I feel like age is something that’s actually happening now for me and Kelsey. I listen to SiriusXM Radio regularly but not every day. More like a few times a week. Kelsey used to think that I worked for Iraq. So did Tori Luke. I was also friends with her older sister on FaceBook but before I paid my attorney initially. I want to personally thank http://www.classmates.com and providing an outstanding social media platform for friends from high school meeting each other again.

I bragged to Destiny Fomo about using the I.B.M. Lenovo ThinkPad L520 a lot, which runs Star Trek – Elite Force 2 on Windows 7 and is strictly 32-bit (Win32), and I am securing the best external dock (docking station) possible for this unit. It runs a lot of other games and they make an impact on streaming, especially if Patrick Stewart hears about it. Never the less, The Church of Scientology International has some pretty big decisions to make in the near future, politics aside.

I use Twitter to contact a lot of different people and companies. I’m glad that Kelsey left me a contact for info and it took years to catchup online. But it appears that she’s very private on FaceBook. Doesn’t use Twitter hardly at all. Classmates.com was a site that got a lot of interest because of our high school class. I keep tabs on the site’s makeover as it requires a powerhouse like Facebook to expand and really profit. I’m sure we can make things work with Kelsey LeBlanc with stocks and retirement. The Nevada Army National Guard recruiting episode in Reno is somewhat of a mystery and is considered secret. Only Kelsey and others can help get classifications or access further.

I received a price list from Rey Robles on Oct. 3rd, 2019 and there’s already been a number of materials already provided by birthday presents so I’m satisfactory as far as being able to produce study materials but have in recent years been satisfied by Camtasia Studio 6-7 and want the newest version on Windows 7 in order to test. I need to be able to save in the Microsoft Format for backwards compatibility with other systems particularly laptops.

There’s been lots of media attention now from the advertising on FaceBook and contemplation on previous testimony. One of the problems that could arise is the particulars for using Kelsey and blow back from posts online might lead skeptics here. It would not be my intention to bewilder Kelsey or friends on Facebook with such nonsense. But the trade here is crucial and I do enjoy showing off productivity and our resumes seems to resinate well with each other. Writing for Sarah Summers and Brandon Mandeville on Facebook has reinforced the understanding on communication, the power of technology infrastructure, and friendship. A VISA for Brandon is almost certain. The speed of the particle in examination determines its power. A script for the Peace Corps. is something I’ve been gazing across the landscape since before, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” I did not expect to get insulted by KRNV or KTLA although I knew that Reuters was planning on some form of coverage.

Dell Vostro 1500

Creative Sound Blaster K3

SB1720 USB Recording Streaming Digital Mixer

Windows 7

Cassette Tapes

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  • Power of Simplicity
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  • First international Congress
  • Route to Infinity
  • Spirit of Man
  • Service of Life Energy (two sets)
  • Games Congress
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  • Nuclear Radiation


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$100 Mission Earth Hardback 1-10 1st Edition


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HOLLYWOOD, CA – MAY 11: Actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley arrives at the 2011 Maxim Hot 100 Party with New Era, Miller Lite, 2(x)ist and Silver Jeans Co. held at Eden on May 11, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images For MAXIM)

I’d like to give a big thanks to Twitter for withstanding the news media propaganda out there regarding my tweets and regardless of the alleged anti-trust concerns the content is covered and does spread like crazy. Promoting Kelsey in sales really changed the dynamics for me and it opened up a lot more launch material in theory that could be applied to Apple Computer, Inc. I’m very impressed with her celebrity presence when though she lives in Portland and I’m traveling south to Las Vegas and further south from there. She may be a Republican and I heard that politically it is possible. I don’t intend on showing her off further if she concludes that sales specifically isn’t the way for her to go down the road, particularly with a new company, even Apple, and so I didn’t want the public to think she was stalked for sales because that’s not the case at all. Her prospects were weighed here and justifiably for someone else to pick up the load for the company. I’m blessed to have met Kelsey in school and my hope is that she will do business for real, not just Portland and her husband.

Vianna Jordan 2018-2019

One of the priorities of the new WordPress agenda was to explode and not just blow away Yahoo! GeoCities wasn’t good enough for Vianna and Rose Jordan. They have been blessed and I’m glad that our path have met yet again. But I want to share more than just Scientology with Vianna and Rose. I want to share my inheritance with them, if Rey Robles and Leslie Robles are willing to settle, with stuff like Heavy Metal Magazine and my dad’s record collection. There’s has been a recent setback and my father has sided with his own interests and won’t come on the record. He’s countered financial requests with accusations of perjury and assault, confronted me about the email I sent to the DOJ in 2004, confronted the Church of Scientology on his own terms, and is now scheming with the news media. Its been difficult to be as normal as possible while the media and authorities continue to pick on me.

Rose Jordan contacted me in 2016 because she believed that I was the biological father of her youngest daughter, Vianna Jordan.  I did not name Vianna.  It was entirely Rose’s idea.  Rose and I got together back in 2000 meeting up one night on Mill Ave. in Downtown Tempe, AZ.  It was during the summer and in Phoenix it is really hot!  I liked Rose.  She was part black, she had big tits, was wearing white and was looking for someone to party with.  I didn’t drink beer or smoke marijuana at the time.  I was working at StockVal, Inc.  The company would give me a huge break in terms of getting the training needed to be CompTIA A+ Certified in 2006 later down the line, and even farther in ancient history, Reuters StockVal, Inc. would give me the contacts I needed to enter community college, even university as it turns out later.

Vianna Jordan 2004
Vianna Jordan 2003

Rose and I eventually moved in together but it was a rough ride.  It didn’t last very long.  We separated.  She managed to get into Section 8 which is public housing and keep her kids for a long time.  I just wanted to make it perfectly clear that Rose claimed I was the father from the get go.  I was hanging out with her other kids after Vianna was born.  I didn’t spend much time with them but I was there.  I paid child support unofficially and under the table.  My former boss and reference for Federal Financial Aide, Ryan Lewis, told me not to pay Rose anything.  She’d waste it on drugs or not credit me for the child support.  But I gave her the benefit of the doubt because she needed money and had three kids to take care of.  There are plenty of more details about this time period on http://www.classmates.com

There is a former F.B.I. Agent that doesn’t like me, follows me around the country, harasses me and makes fun of my FaceBook account and I just wanted to let Vianna know he is hostile to me and not to my brother, a U.S. Army veteran, or my dad and step mom, Celebrity Scientologists. I am pretty much disowned by most of my relatives for not studying the bible, smoking tobacco, moving to Las Vegas, traveling to Asia, Hawaii, or Los Angeles, etc. Lots of excuses so please be aware that you can’t talk to me on the phone because it was probably someone else. That’s one of the ways they got to your mom.

I left Rose and her kids in 2002.  Rose contacted me in 2004 with photos of Vianna.  There is an email she sent me where I was told to walk away from her family and that I’m not the real father.  In 2016, I was served papers for Maricopa County and was asked to testify remotely about my relationship with Vianna Jordan.  I claimed not to be the father and had to get a D.N.A. test in order to prove my innocence.  It took about 6 months but eventually the results were negative.  I was excited and glad not to have any children.  Being single was something which had become threatened.  At least, being looked at as a dead beat with children and not worth being intimate with crossed my mind.  I was dismissed by the court circuit in Arizona and was single once again.  I think Rose did all that just to send me a personal update about her affairs.  Where she was living, what had happened to her, all the drugs she was using, and the failed rehabilitation.


I got the message.  I sprung into action.  I knew that Vianna Jordan wasn’t 18 and wasn’t my daughter.  I began posting videos on my half-sister’s YouTube channel.  I wanted to get Rose’s attention and Vianna’s as well.  I think it worked.  Today Vianna is subscribed to my channel and wonders who her mother thought I actually was.  Vianna Jordan turns 18 on March 31st, 2019.  This will be her last year in high school.  I hope it will be special.  But where does she go from here?  Will she turn to drugs?  Will she wonder about computers and video games?  Does she care about college?  Could she get results from Scientology?  I left it totally upto Vianna Jordan to contact me when she is ready to hear my side of the story.  Or rather, the truth.  When she is ready to experience what L. Ron Hubbard has to offer, after she has made her mind up about college, maybe after all her friends turn 18, there is always that possibility she will contact me.  I left the opportunity totally on the table advertising on YouTube.  We’ll see.

Stephen Robles


Stephen Robles is my younger brother and he is a U.S. Army veteran.  He gets a phat pension from the V.A. every month for claiming to be 50% P.T.S.D. from the war in Iraq and genetics.  Stephen was living in Section 8 housing through the Reno Housing Authority for several years before he and I decided to share an apartment together at Rosewood Park Apartments from 2018-2019.  Stephen had previously lived with our parents, Rey Robles and Leslie Robles, where he was living in a mobile home and getting evaluated.  He divorced a wife from Germany which lasted about 5 years.

Stephen smoked a descent amount of recreational marijuana during his independent stay in RNO.  Stephen became an alcoholic.  He worked at a call center for Wells Fargo Bank for a short time in 2017-2018 and before that he did tech support from home via the internet for close to minimum wage.  He’s lame 4-year I.T. degree from the University of Phoenix wasn’t enough to get him very many jobs.  He refused to work at Amazon.com, Tesla, or for Panasonic in warehouse.  About half way through his stay at Rosewood Park Apartments, he decided to move onto Phoenix, AZ.  Citing the job market and college opportunities through the V.A., Stephen had previously lived in PHX several times and believed it would be a fresh start for him in 2019.


Stephen acted like a total idiot.  He raged on with paranoia, complaining about smelly food and conspiracies, he refused to live in an apartment with Ryan Robles, his older brother.  Finally, in the Fall Semester 2018, the Reno Police Department was notified about suspicious behavior from not just Stephen, but from Rey Robles as well.  The managed to install the lock on Ryan’s bedroom door incorrectly and allowed entry into the room for months.  Stephen was constantly picking fights with his older brother.  Several police reports were filed for Disorderly Conduct, suspicious behavior, breaking and entering, etc.  The police never contacted Ryan and pushed the reports upto the Washoe County Sheriff’s Dept.


Stephen and his friends started trolling the internet once they got made.  They possibly contacted folks on Craig’s List to warn them about the Chinese.  Stephen had also accused his older brother of being a, “violator.”  It really seemed like Stephen was just being a Republican Party activist since he spent a lot of his time watching FOX news instead of applying for jobs.  He smoked marijuana up until about a month before the lease was about to expire on Rosewood Park Apartments.  Stephen refused to get help from the V.A. outside of his lofty pension.  He would not visit with a psychologist or psychiatrist and believed his older brother was a pill popper.  A drug addict on S.S.R.I. research.  The picture got clearer and clearer when his angle became apparent he was spinning the RNC and, “infowars.”  Stephen setup a security system in the apartment and was essentially working as a criminal informant.  He was also spying on web traffic.  Ryan couldn’t wait for his younger brother to finally move out and disappear from his life.

There were a few media outlets that contributed to Stephen’s escape from Reno and after that, stuff like stalking, sexual harassment, rouge photos, threats, and investigations by the RGJ (Reno), KRNV, MSNBC, CNN, KGMB 9. As far as Honolulu is concerned, I really shouldn’t have provoked the islands while I was there back in 2009. Unfortunately I was perceived as a wrecker or heckler and my brother thought that I tried to ruin his military career and went ultra-left-wing but that wasn’t the case. I sent emails back in the Bush-era to the DOJ and they weren’t perceived correctly. I was concerned a threat online. So I haven’t been treated fairly since after returning to the United States since 2003 from mainland China.


My brother broke into my room and evidently played games trying to steal passwords from me in the background somehow, like Stephen’s STEPHENROBLES@YMAIL.COM I had intentionally reserved for him with tons of attachments. I had planned on transferring the account to him once we had moved in together back in 2018 but he declined. I had used http://www.battle.net to login with the email for years before when I was homeless and it was only a concern at the time. He got older after his divorce and started to become much more of a skeptic on liberal arts and more conservative. He may have feared me and took precautions. After all the rude behavior at Rosewood Park Apartments in Reno, NV., he moved to Phoenix or Tempe in April 2019 and that was the last time I saw him.


What I think changed for him was his living conditions and roommate situation so he could grasp his new situation, of course, but that he decided after Reno he didn’t plan on moving back in together with me anytime soon in the future. He has threatened to move to Prescott, Az. and it doesn’t bother me although I do realize what could happen in Arizona and our paths could cross again in the future but not as roommates. I understand that he was rewarded growing up, not just with High Tech Institute down in Arizona, but University of Phoenix and a hefty U.S. Army pension and let me be perfectly clear; I would not want my brother’s lucrative pension to dry up, disappear, or get protested by other political groups because of the Iraq War, marijuana, Domestic Violence, or the sheriff’s office.

Stephen had figured out that I might have ended up getting dumped for Social Security because of criminal justice or perhaps a renegade psychologist. He thought that I was wasting time and knew I wasn’t going to get treated by any women or would ruin my life trying to immigrate to Russia. My brother really didn’t know what my plans were outside of school and freaked out. He didn’t realize that yes, I need to travel true, but not every month or every weekend. He didn’t trust my judgement and had been convinced by the V.A. to take action against me. He tried to antagonize me a lot so keep that in mind. He thought that I should cut out of school and go look for a job before I get too old to get married because it could take so much money to go out and date. But I had already been tipped off by an associate where to look in Reno to club, and also online dating would eventually pick up down in Las Vegas so the worry was unnecessary. He felt bad to for and he knew the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office would try and make fun of me for Tom Cruise. I wasn’t getting any auditing during this time at Rosewood Park Apartments.

Germany was very kind to my brother while he was living there but I could never figure out why he didn’t go for a professional? Why a 16 year old girl in Christina? We spoke a few times before I had moved onto the homeless shelter and she seemed to have her head screwed on straight. She was intelligent and she was aware of the SVR. I can’t say a whole lot about her bent on Christianity but she was open and on FaceBook. I had to logon to http://www.russianbrides.com in order to search for Germans out there to see the competition for myself first hand, before screen recording, before Downtown Reno, after the Professional Building, so I did not search exclusively for Chinese for years.


Mark Hisel

I remember meeting this buy while he was pretty far down Miscavige’s bridge or David Mayo’s bridge, depending on your own personal opinion.  Rey Robles runs the L. Ron Hubbard bridge from the 1960’s and 70’s but the revitalizing ministry in Washington State, south by south west of Seattle, Wa. has a very different take on Scientology.  In fact, Rey has pointed out some questionable training as well as insufficient experience at this ministry.  Mark was sleeping in an auditing room that was used for exams or a confessional termed by the I.R.S.  I feel like the special attention that members of this ministry receive is from the Tea Party or Republican Party brokered by the media in retaliation to the treatment of newsgroups, religious groups, or non-profits experienced under the Obama Administration.  It was a huge scandal at one point.  FOX news has kept Americans updated the most concerning this issue.


Mark Hisel does a paper route for the main stream news paper out of Olympia, WA.  A protest has broken out over my resume, exposure to pornography, mostly adult entertainment, and believes that because of my hispanic looks it is an injustice for me to use welfare, to spin XXX, to file suit against the Church of Scientology, to call out the media for organizing a spin, or implicate a church celebrity in attempting to investigate me.  Mark has probably put in dozens of tips to the press either via cell phone, in person, or online.  Mark must have realized that the media might take an interest in my welfare case since my father, Rey Robles, appeared on C.N.N. back in April 3rd, 2017.  A compartmentalized spin in order to put a conviction into the press and ridicule me for any of number of alleged crimes.  There is a anti-Obama non-profit which exists in town and might be a front for the Church of Scientology or it may have been started by Alex Jones.  A neighbor next to the ministry is a plumber named Carter Avery and is a former Ron Paul delegate for President in 2007.  A highly prized rental to these people, they had no problem settling down next to the Free Zone ministry at the time.


As the path forward up the bridge has been muddied by politics and religion, I was forced to change my tune in terms of studying L. Ron Hubbard.  Afterwards, I informed Mark that Ryan Robles was the missing link between the Church of Scientology and the 9.11.2001 terror attacks in New York.  Years later, he explained to keep it under raps; they are competing Scientologists, attempting to recruit specialists into the ministry here and spin their take because they believe it is possible to enhance community policing through L. Ron Hubbard.  Psychiatry, they also believe, is a farce.  They will recruit ex-cons, seniors, professional Christians, Libertarians, anyone whom they feel is a good fit and can afford their services.  The spin with Mark and Ray Krenik is to laundry intel to the press, possibly Alex Jones, and continue independent investigations which could turn out to be juicy for the papers or the internet.  As a sample, I was able to make the determination first hand.  The right thing to do was to warn Jenna Miscavige Hill about the Free Zone and to make sure a blog site got out in order to protect folks from getting caught up in the web.  Miscavige’s people are at risk because any possible competitor would be investigated by the Church of Scientology.  The news media would soon follow.

Craig Robart

Alienware – Dell.Com

Justin Austin was recruited by Craig Robart to join the Free Zone in southern California before 2017.  Both are ex-convicts.  Felons essentially.  Craig Robart psyched me out on a number of occasions back at the Professional Building in Downtown, Reno, NV. long before 2006.  Craig told me not to fall for Jennifer Freeman or O.S.A.  He also claimed that he’d cover David Miscavige.  Justin Austin, on the other hand, is a former drug dealer and essentially a religious thug.  He has no credit, no real bank account, no access to PayPal, no vehicle or driver’s license, and this is only the beginning.  He banged several prostitutes before going on his mission to Washington State after fleeing California.

Justin has several tattoos, which look new, representing the Scientology religion.  He claims that he lived upstairs from a tattoo parlor.  Justin resembles the typical gang pin and operates like an informant.  He has been blessed by rumors from Pat and Ray Krenik as well as Craig Robert.  He’s received Scientology auditing as well as numerous training levels.  He received essentially spy training in exchange for auditing several other worshipers here at the compound in Elma, Wa.  He’s worked with former veterans Bruce Meyers as well as a guy named Jason, but keep in mind that Bruce accused me of studying Eugenics as well as integrating with the Chinese Communist Party.  Bruce also committed a Disorderly Order Conduct in 2015 at the L. Ron Hubbard tribute center where worshipers re-enact the cult training practices administrated by the Church of Scientology.

Alienware – Dell.Com

Justin Austin is an inspiring hacker.  He studies code at night training how to generate illegal bots or hack into programs for free.  He also downloads movies and T.V. episodes for free instead of using Netflix, after turning down my invitation to share streaming services on my account.  His Facebook account sucks.  He’s now an occult actor who believes that he can still join the military.  He thinks that it is possible to get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in solar to join plus college benefits.  He believes that just because he isn’t using drugs and is a convicted felon, he is a minority with a high I.Q.  He doesn’t like people in general because he believes his I.Q. is something like 130 or above.  He networks online for get rich quick schemes involving telemarketing and bragged about redistributing imitations of Viagra on Craig’s List.  He’s even considered starting a YouTube channel and possibly has applied for credit cards with no source of income.  One of his get rich quick schemes is to open a imitation Scientology center where the Purification Rundown is delivered and paid by insurance companies servicing drug users trying to kick the habit.  He thinks that recreational Marijuana should be illegal and is hostile to the Central Intelligence Agency.  Another hostile worshiper is Peter Janzon, a seasoned former member of the Church of Scientology for at least 35 years.  He’s homeless and schemes on Social Security checks to go up the bridge to total freedom every month.  He’d rather sleep in his van and audit himself rather than live a normal life.  These people are di-hards here.  Total hostile to the intelligence community.  Peter claims he spread rumors to his home country of the Netherlands.

Craig Robart is responsible for considerable spin in the Free Zone.  He claims that Los Angeles has furnished the best auditors in the world.  Naturally, an abundance of auditors kicked out of the church in L.A. would account for such a thing.  Craig Robart cut a deal with Jennifer Freeman, a transgender spy and employer, to work at the Professional Building in Downtown Reno, NV.  Craig may have spied on my enlistment into the military.  We could have been talking about an operation.  They introduced a private contractor to gather information on my studies and employment at the Professional Building for Free Zone Worldwide, Inc.  You see, Scientologists in general are paranoid about anti-social personalities, suppressive persons, and potential trouble sources.  Jenna Miscavige Hill gets into some of these concepts in her book.  I was rendered an idiot that was exposed by the Asian Paparazzi.  LBGTQ considers me anti-social for not experiencing sexuality as a bi-sexual.  These people put pressure on me to abandon Scientology and the trap was set.  Jennifer Freeman, Craig Robart, his girlfriend, and Justin Craig are trying to mobilize the Free Zone to throw me out of the movement; no one wants me as a competitor involved in anti-defamation.  I’m scene as an enemy and spy by the movement, compromising a possible truce with the Church of Scientology.


The rumor is that Craig Robart died over-dosing back in 2020 and it was circulated around Facebook but I never believed it in all honesty. I’m sure he got trained to audit and that doesn’t surprise me either. The guy could theoretically disappear and no one would care a lot. It wouldn’t do a lot of damage to Scientology. It would be much more productive if he worked in secret, like trying to go under investigation or audit for a celebrity in private, join the Sea Org, etc. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Alienware – Dell.Com

Rey Robles

Rey Robles took his whole family for a long ride.  “I’m on a mission,” he would often say.  It was one of the only things he cared about.  He often complained that meeting my mother was a big mistake.  He said that Donna June Goss was a failure.  He said that he only took care of us as kids because it was required by law.  Rey tried to give up Ryan and Stephen when they were 18 and 16 via the State of California foster care.  It was pretty lame.  We spent a few days in Richmond, Ca. up in Northern California in the ghetto while the state reviewed the claim.  My dad had to spin a buy out he couldn’t afford.  When that fell through he protested but still picked us up.  It motivated my brother to join the U.S. Army.  It didn’t motivate me into public service at all.  Ryan Robles was pissed.

The stuff about the Free Zone Survivor’s website in regards to Victoria Secret and the bankruptcy are true, I believe, only to a certain extent.  My dad may have been a swinger.  I know that he took advantage of an international incident in which Ryan Robles was terrorized, tortured, almost murdered, infected with SARS, labeled a S.T.D. scumbag by the Chinese Communist Party, and passed onto the international community, for asian sexual favors in order to protest Scientology in the future.  How?  Probably the news media.  It is entirely possible that Rey Robles had sex with a transgender.  Rey became too outrageous, knowing how much is wife was worth down the road, and decided to succumb to the spin, considering that he’d be protecting Scientology in the independent field from a possible schizophrenic terrorist, his own son.

My dad has been bribed many times to spin allegations and prevent me from getting trained.  He too disapproves of psychiatric rehabilitation.  My dad has expressed discontent for my spin and doesn’t like my take on the internet.  It is unconstitutional and doesn’t hold up in court so he’s decided to side with the news media and protect the church’s interests in avoiding publicity on 9/11/2001.  However, the story my dad has foddered with the news media has been declared as fake news.  I totally agree.  I can’t stop my dad from spinning and unfortunately he’s been paid off with XXX so I might get left out in the cold again.

Leslie Robles

I bought http://www.leslierobles.com to show the world how much my step mother uses FaceBook.  Very little evidently.  She content having lived as a selfish step mother simply to work full time as a housewife and caretaker knowing that she ruined both my childhood as well as my brother’s.  We talk about it all the time on the phone still to this day.  My brother even boycotted my step mother’s Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  He plans on doing the same for Christmass.

My step mother is very greedy, having received an inheritance from her parents, she now works to take care of her dad still alive to this day, tends to her house which was paid off, and has a 2014 Toyota Prius.  She’s so stupid that she didn’t help my half sister marry a doctor or lawyer with plastic surgery, keeping her a bait for the right wing establishment.

My step mom worked one job while we were in high school and it didn’t last very long.  She wouldn’t pay for school supplies or new clothes and complained about providing transportation for sports as well as other activities.  I knew that she wouldn’t get me across the finish line so I ended up turning to drugs and dropped out of school.  Even if I had gotten enough to eat it might not have made a difference, because too many stupid decisions were made.

My step mom got back at me for not getting along with her growing up by sending me off to be homeless in 2008.  I remember the first day I ended up on the streets of Kahului, Hi. (Maui).  Something changed in me that night when I slept on the grass.  The light rain fall.  It was another mile stone that lead to the road of bi-polar treatment, much like the same type of shock and damages suffered in my hotel while in Shenyang, China after an international incident.  But will she change?  Will she see the failings in my health and co-operate with my father, play along and attempt to convict me of perjury just to get even and protect Scientology outside the church?

Alex Jones

I contacted the Alex Jones Show via FaceBook as well as directly online via email and through the Infowars Store.  At first it was pretty obvious that they were playing me off while I was homeless.  Then, in 2014, I ordered some t-shirts and supplements after I was awarded a settlement through Social Security.  Then that’s when the government and Alex Jones started turning up the heat.

I even asked Alex Jones to hook it up with a barely legal teen escort!  They obviously got the wrong idea and contacted the local authorities.  I’ve been antagonized by the local precinct here for a really long time because of offering the Alex Jones Show a chance to get involved.  I think I even emailed one of his reporters and evidently a felon, ex-convict, ended up moving here from Torrence, CA. to participate in the Free Zone ministry here.

Alex Jones is obsessed with debunking left wing activist and proving that he’s cooler than they are.  He can’t stand the left.  As soon as I got my t-shirts in Skidd Row, Downtown Los Angeles, CA., I knew that practically I was a target getting discriminated against.  It was only a matter of time.

It is uncertain whether or not Alex Jones has ever dived into the O.T. levels or experienced Scientology at any level.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s leading a secret campaign again Scientology itself as a religion.  What if he’s trying to interface with ANONYMOUS somehow?  We know that he is on a religious crusade to keep Christianity in the U.S. Government.  What if there is some strangle plot involving the police and an escort service to debunk the Scientology religion and get back at several major celebrities for not coming forward on his radio show?  Think about it?  Why hasn’t Alex done a documentary on the Church of Scientology from the Infowar’s perspective?  The evidence is adding up!

Jenna Miscavige Hill

I downloaded Jenna’s book about a year ago and felt it was worth it.  It took me weeks to listen to it.  I have to confess that there were some really funny parts, others were bazar, especially the way the church treated her, but it was compelling the amount of detail which went into it.

I contacted Jenna Miscavige Hill on several occasions.  I donated to her charity and explained were I was at in the book, that I wanted to hear back from her, and further explained that I was interested in getting in touch about doing a book on me and Rey Robles, my father.  In 2015, she never answered.  I contacted her again in 2016 via her blog site.  I again explained that it was a must do for her because of her profile with the media.  She would likely attract a publisher.  “The Miscavige Legacy,” I explained.  A perfect title for her next book.  But to date her has yet to answer.  I also wanted to guest star on her blog site but again, no answer.  More on that below.

The bottom line is that Jenna Miscavige Hill is playing the media.  She believes that her act lies in the mainstream, outside of politics and the Free Zone.  She wants to be politically correct and stay away from any unnecessary publicity surrounding a new project or avoid getting harassed about using Scientology outside of the church.  This is unfortunate.  She doesn’t want to invest into Scientology outside of the church and doesn’t want to write about anything else, at least in the short term.

Jenna Miscavige is a huge disappointment.  She probably heard a rumor from the press about me or my parents.  She probably decided not to do a project because of the added media attention or other religious beliefs.  It is a sad affair.  No YouTube Channel, no DVD, no new book, no special appearance on Coast to Coast AM, etc.  Jenna is a huge let down since breaking away from the church and writing her first book.  You could say that it was a publicity stunt on David Miscavige, her uncle.  I don’t blame her.  She wasn’t treated very well.  I did generate a website for her in order to provoke a response from her people.  I think the Church of Scientology tried to setup an arranged marriage with one of their members and that failed.  I think the reason why is that she didn’t meet their expectations.  Unfortunately for the church, she was only interested in Dallas.

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