Kelsey LeBlanc

This is where I get to package Kelsey up and also announce the new domain to succeed which was a spin site for the paparazzi. It is exciting to get to be able to market LeBlanc; I’ve always wanted the chance to get on her good side. Although there was been some changes over the years, I’ve still manage to keep in touch with Kelsey whether its Twitter or by phone. She didn’t expect a shot at Silicon Valley and seems to have gotten things under control up in Portland. Where we look for outstanding leadership and beauty I can think of no one else. I wanted to let everyone know that this was an intense process getting to the right products and the right company. I was asked not to interfere in Kelsey’s prospects. I’ve also been scolded as irrational, made fun of, treated as competition and these are bitter tastes to swallow. We can see what’s happening in the world on Twitter and it doesn’t take very long to see posts. Who can see the future? I’ve been asked to it many times. The hand of the church! And what a helping hand I have become. Now, I have prepared for a backup in case Kelsey finds it impossible to part with the Pacific Northwest. I’ve decided to see a witness in Europe, sort of a business partner, a woman that I can trust and is equally as profitable. Using I’ve been able to secure the top 3 models that have the potential to partner with me. Phone calls, emails, instant chat messaging, all will continue as we break into this new territory. There will be obstacles along the way. But using the, “Ticket to Work” is going to be very worth while exploring other languages while in college and the chance to travel will prove beyond satisfactory for the people abroad depending on this business venture. I want to personally thank Kelsey for being a good patriot and at least trying to see me out in Phoenix. I have been disconnected from Free Zone Worldwide, Inc. unfortunately and Mike Rinder is out on the loose so please keep that in mind. A bulk of loose ends depends on what Tom Cruise decides to do in terms of getting the truth out and their expectations in the Church of Scientology.


University of Oregon

About Jerry Persky

Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) is a federal program that you pay into as a tax on your income. If a severe illness, injury or chronic condition later leaves you unable to work; you then draw on that program to help make up for lost income. However, the Social Security Administration is notoriously strict when it comes to approving SSDI benefits, and turns down the majority of applications.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a need-based program that assists individuals who have little or no work history due to severe, chronic disability. To qualify, you cannot have resources above $2,000. Figuring out if you or a loved one qualifies can be confusing, but we will help you examine your financial situation and consider your options.

To receive the maximum possible benefits, call us. Attorney Jerry J. Persky has been practicing Social Security Disability Insurance law since 1981. He will represent you with honesty and dedication, and will always be available to answer your questions. Our team will work with you closely to make a compelling case that you are entitled to benefits.

Jerry has been fair and did warn me about the possibilities in terms of getting the State Vocational Rehabilitation without any trip wire going off. The last time we spoke in person was in 2014. He also consulted explaining that I could get a part-time job if I wanted also while covered by disability. But he did see brighter futures for me at that time. He told me I’m entitled to get an education on SSI and not to give up my dreams. He’d cover USC if that’s what it takes. I teamed up with Jerry to get a second chance and that has happened, although very quietly and while in school in community college.


Rey Robles

Dad has been an auditor for many years went seriously online about 4-5 years ago. The rumor is he’s been writing a biography from his early years in Brentwood and Antioch, California to the last days in the Church of Scientology in the 1990’s. He’s mastered Hubbard’s tech and dived into other methodologies. His birthday is April 12th. He’s an auditor, consultant, mediator, writer, councilor, and Star Trek fan.

Trey Lotz

He’s been a friend on FaceBook for a while and was discarded by the Church of Scientology luckily on my behalf as an afterthought to keeping the movement alive in the independent field. Trey was cleared by CNN and well experienced celebrity auditor. My only concern would be doing a larger scale project with him. Would it be possible to intersect with an investor or producer to get lots of auditing sold in parallel to make a difference someplace. That’s the key. Especially this late in the game.

Ryan Robles

I am a simple person also I do require a lot of computing power to do what I do. Steve Jobs taught me a lot and I credit the Computer Chronicles for an awakening. Somehow George Noory stepped in for Art Bell and I can’t say much else. I’m a heavy FaceBook contributor and believe in the power of Twitter. I’m a huge Star Trek fan and discovered Camtasia Studio 6-7 32-bit screen recorder so I can run Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 recording different OS allows for the reliving of many different games from that era.


Trina called me a liar many times. She accused me of working for Spain. She told me to go to college for a few semesters but I passed using a HP Pavilion ze5200 PC Laptop and got more experience. I love Brentwood, CA. and it is in the area where I was born in 1980. Trina notified me that I was blessed by the pope. She also told me the U.S. Army was trying bust me with an enlistment in 2007.

— Trina Valverde

I lived with my uncle back in 2003 when the church was just getting started with Hui. He accused me of turning into a hacker. He said there would be trip wire while on SSI. He caught me with some in-haler and fasting pills. I think he offered to smoke weed with me also but I declined. He lived in Stockton, CA. at the time. His card was an old Ford Escort, beat up and stick shift. I bought a PS2 from him and was excited about it. He thought the system was a waste of time but did specifically state that computer programming was what I needed to study in college.

— Mario Robles

I did mention Kelsey LeBlanc to a group of Chinese ministers during the Shenyang Incident 2003. She must have caught the embassy’s interest back then. Penhale has become very successful moving beyond Integra Telecom. Meanwhile, I resumed on FaceBook and which has turned out to be a success thanks to technology with streaming.



Ryan Robles at Yahoo!

Skype – 213.261.4234

I decided that in order to quit smoking that I’d have to start way back in 2016 but tobacco has been a part of my older life for some time now. Kicking the habit seems harsh but I’m starting to realize that for my sake, for athletics or general recreation it would be necessary to start soon. Now that we have COVID19, it seems as important as ever cut back pretty substantially on tobacco particularly on its other effects on health in general.

The Peace Corps. is a high goal and they might not settle on transcripts alone. Fortunately for me, I’ve been contacted by Americorps. and Prescott College on many different positions as well as other states. I think its great to have friends like Ryan Lewis and Kelsey Penhale. But in the end, I’m the one that has to do a job too at the end of the day. Time will tell if I live on. The physical therapy aspect to Diabetes is very important and I’m happy to report that I am making progress and loosing weight. We’ll see how things play out in Las Vegas.

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